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John Wall Donates $400k to Child Care Development Center in D.C.!

By Kyle Newport, 01/23/17, 6:00PM EST


Kyle NewportFeatured Columnist IVJanuary 5, 2017

John Wall has called Washington, D.C., home since being drafted by the Washington Wizards with the No. 1 overall pick in 2010. He has developed a strong bond with the fans and the city over the past few years, so when he has a chance to help the community, he is going to do so.

The 25-year-old Wall recently made a large contribution to Bright Beginnings, a child-development center in Washington that helps out homeless children and families.

According to the Facebook post, the $400,000 donation will go toward building a second development center, which is scheduled to open in 2017.

To show appreciation for the contribution, Bright Beginnings will do a couple of things in Wall's honor. There will be a "John Wall, Wall of Achievement" at the new center that will highlight the accomplishments of the center's students. There will also be a classroom named after Wall.

No matter how much money Wall is making in his contract, he doesn't have to make donations like this. He's doing this because he wants to support a good cause. Any contribution would have been appreciated, but one as large as this should go a long way in helping the center.

Wall is doing what he can to make the D.C. area better. It's always cool to see an athlete connect with the city he plays for, and with this donation, the Wizards point guard continues to show he cares about his city.

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